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Sally Ann Jimenez is a self-taught artist from Phoenix, AZ. At a very young age the arts became a major passion in her life. Growing up homeless at the age of 7 she found solace in the arts; diverting her energy in something positive and away from the harsh reality she was living in. As she grew up she felt more of a desire to share her message and her vision through her art. Her creations symbolize duality, growth, and diversity.


In 2017 she was in her 1st art show with the Conception Art Show. In 2018 she was Featured in Voyage Phoenix’ “Most Inspiring Stories.” 2019, she performed at the My Beauty Within Movement then participated in The SCREAM Project (the fight against depression) providing more of an inside look to being an artist in her shoes. Sally also loves to use her talent to volunteer, she’s painted for the “Fallen Artist” project  inside the Monarch Theatre, Downtown Phoenix and at the Oak St Alley Mural Festival she created an interactive mural for kids to help paint then donated the piece to the organizer (2019). 


In 2020 she exhibited at the Mesa Artspace gallery where she currently resides and is working on building her art business Vanished Art. She paints, makes dreamcatchers, writes poetry, enjoys photography, uses hemp rope and wire to make crystal crafts, she does henna tattoos and the list goes on. She refuses to stick to one thing and her art reflects her ever changing, growth mentality.


"Vanished" a song by one of my favorite bands Crystal Castles. A band that was created in memory of a friend and music partner whose life was taken away, but spirit lived on through their bright, melancholic music. I felt this resembled my artwork so I chose "Vanished Art" as a reminder that nothing lasts forever but also that great things come out of darkness.


Drawing & Painting (2000)

My focus is in realism, cartoon-ism, symbolism, and abstract. yes I am a bit everywhere but that is what I like. I love the idea of ever-changing art in retrospect to the fact the CHANGE IS LIFES ONLY CONSTANT and I do believe If I were to stick to one thing or ones style I would feel stuck and stagnant.


I hope to one day own my a small art gallery space where children can display their artwork along with performances of their choosing.


Photography (2006)

I used to often take photos of things to later draw. Now I just do it to capture moments, my travels, patterns, or interesting angles. I believe it helps broaden my perspective and finding beauty in everything even things that may seem "ugly" or "unsettling." 


"The observer is inseparable

from the object observed"

You can find more of my photography on my instagram @vanished98_photography 


Jewelry (2012)

Handcrafted, Natural elements, recycled/repurposed material, and made with love. Being someone who loves to craft I often wondered why I didn't get into jewelry making when I was younger. Currently I've been more into custom wire-wrapping and hemp rope wrapping crystals and stones. So they are more handcrafted than ever!


I will be working on Including my jewelry in my SHOP!


Music (2005)


Music Videos (2012) 

My first music video I made was for the Crystal Castles song "Vanished" and that was when I decided to make that my art name and pursue art as more of a business. As eager as I was I wasn't quite ready at the time and fell off the eager train. Since then though I have made music videos with local musician friends specifically "Foxchildren" and I have allot of fun doing this. Recording, setting up and finding areas to shoot, coming up with themes or messages, and editing footage along with music is like a creative explosion of passion. I don't make them as much as I do drawings and other artforms but when I get to I really get into it and have allot of fun creating them.


Here's a Link to my youtube playlist of music videos I've created!

Sally Ann Music Videos 


Poetry (2000)

It's funny that my first poem was written for a contest, because after that I continued writing but I was absolutely embarrassed to share my writing with anyone. All my writing is very personal and a reflection of my true self. It wasn't until 2011 I started sharing my poetry with my community while I worked at a local boutique where we would host open mic nights. After that I wanted to share it more as poetry and not just as music because for a long time I though it could only be appreciated through a song. I'd like to have a book published after I get settled in my art business.

You can find more of my poetry on my Instagram or Facebook page @Rain98_Poetry




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