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Necklace Center Pieces

Alice In Wonderland inspired Nature Scene (left) and 7 Chakra Scale (right)

Blue Eyed Dragon

Can be used as a paper weight or additional display piece. I Can also make them into Necklaces or Smoking Stones!

Red&Black Dragon Eye

paper weight, necklace, or smoking stone... possibilities are endless in the world of an artist!

Green Dragon Eye

Can be made in different colors, textures, including stones and gems!

Handmade Notebook

You Will Need: Something to poke holes, cardboard, paper, I used recycled papers foil and some hemp strings and beads for decoration.

Custom Kitchen Plaque

I made this for my beautiful amazing aunt who makes the best food so she deserved something unique and personalized for her kitchen.


With self-sealing Laminating paper, you can make the bookmarks you always dreamed of!

Bookmarks 2

Made with prints of my artwork

Scarf/Key Holder (Set)

Hand Painted and Carved custom gift

Earring Holder (Set)

Square wire piece found at Goodwill and wrapped purple ribbon into a bow

Bracelet Holder (Set)

Part 3 of the gift set

Om Stone

Can be made into rings, necklaces, or simple displays

Shrinky Dink

Draw or Print on Shrinky Dink and make awesome jewelry!

DIY Cappo

Place 2 pencils sandwiching your guitars neck and then with the 2 rubberbands tie 2 opposite pencils parallel over a fret row, keeping the pencils in place and the strings in that row pressed down. You may want help if it's your first time trying.

Sleeping Red Dragon

Made out of Sculpey Stones & Gems can be added such as Amethyst, Quarts, etc.

Baby Green Dragon

Gift I gave to my nephew

Baby Blue Dragon
Mushroom Choker

Made out of colored Hemp rope and Sculpey handmade mushroom pendant

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