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I have allot to celebrate and share in this first blog post. I have spent years trying to get this website together and through trial and error, and many bumps in the road, it is finally here! I am officially the proud owner of Vanished Art LLC! I remember when I chose "Vanished Art" to be my art business name back in 2012 but I have to admit, I had no idea what I was doing or what I was supposed to be doing.

I recently quit my day job and made the scary choice to truly focus on my art as a business. What was it that held me back all these years, you may ask? I believe it was just that; FEAR! Fear of failing, not knowing what to do and the fear of taking a risk. I am happy to say though, since I made this life-changing decision I have not regretted it yet!

A major accomplishment this month was being featured in Gen Society, an art space blog where select artists are featured and poetry is written to the artwork by Lorin Drexler; creator of Gen Society. Lorin is an amazing poet, musician, novelist and teaching artist. I am extremely thankful for all his support this last year in encouraging me to follow me dreams, providing resources to move forward with my business and just being there all together for me. I am forever grateful.

With everything going on in the world, I feel very blessed to have received this call to pursue my art and feel very full in accepting the call. I always had art in my life to help with staying focused, staying positive and sort of escaping from the world. I don't think there has been a more perfect time that NOW to have started this and get it going. I feel like a lotus in full bloom and every night I go to sleep, I wind down knowing that tomorrow will be another beautiful day. The water may still be murky but above all I know I am capable, and that I have the determination and willingness to push forward.

Thank you everyone who has supported me on this long and beautiful journey, this is just the start! If you'd like to keep up with my art feel free to subscribe to my page or you can find me through social media. I am active on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and TikTok. You can find these links near the top of my page.

Peace & Love,

Sally Ann Jimenez

Vanished Art LLC

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