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Happy Anniversary Vanished Art!

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I started Vanished Art LLC! I’m always compelled to thank everyone wholoves and supports my craft. so much has happened over this past year lots of changes, growth and aligning to where I want to be. I feel like I am now settling in to this new way of being and ready to really push forward even more to pursue the new goals that I want to achieve.

To sum up all the new changes; I went from starting my business completely isolated in quarantine (while also going through a break up) to reaching out to someone who always always had a special place in my heart, feelings were incredibly mututal after meeting up we quickly got engaged. I got rid of half of my belongings in Arizona, moved to North Carolina then to Arkansas where we reside now. I got a second job and am now settling into our new apartment.

I strongly believe my first push to this domino effect was starting my business; pursuing my most ultimate dream goal. Something I thought I would never do or be ready for, and in doing do it really opened my eyes, heart and mind to the things I once though impossible! I never thought I would ever have a website, I never thought I’d ever get married, and I never thought I’d ever leave Arizona! Yet here we are one year later!

So to celebrate with you all I am having a major 40% off sale! The number 4 has been a very significant number this past year so I thought I’d follow it for this special time in celebrating my art business’s anniversary!🎉 The number 4 has represented stability, balance, aspirations and passion. It’s been consistent and is even my fiancé’s favorite number!

In conclusion, It has been an amazing year! I do miss Arizona and my friends and family but I wouldn’t trade this for the world! Thank you everyone who chooses to celebrate with me during this time. I greatly appreciate it!



This coupon will be valid 06/03/21 through 06/12/21

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