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Release and Realign

For this post I will be sharing an article from my favorite monthly subscription, I really love their full moon updates! They tend to resonate with me so I wanted to share in hopes maybe this insight may help you too. Enjoy!

The main theme for November is “Release and Realign”

Several opportunities will present themselves this month for some cathartic release of old patterns, attachments, past wounds, disappointments, emotional debris, regrets, and old dreams and expectations. This will trigger a necessary realignment in these areas that will support essential preparation for the times to come. This is a fascinating month where being a little eccentric and thinking outside the box with creative problem solving and expanded ideas will yield positive movement in the right direction.

Wherever you are stuck and whatever you have been holding on to, or not able to let go of, will surely come loose, like a label on a jar where one corner is still stubbornly sticky as you try and remove it. Until the whole label is off, you cannot relabel the jar. In this example, think of releasing a whole identity of the past so you can begin to rename and reconfigure a new one that is better aligned.

As we release the sticky parts, the bits and pieces will realign into a new pattern and a new vision based on our truthful personal intentions. This is the month to truly follow our hearts and to use our intuition when setting those intentions and contemplating what we want. Clarity will be important, not so much clarity of mind, but clarity of heart.  What is practical for us will take on new meaning and the idea of resources and what they mean will expand to include much more than what we have or have accumulated on the physical plane.

We are getting more comfortable with change and not knowing what the future looks like. Even in the midst of great uncertainly we can still be certain about who we are, what we love and where we are no longer willing to compromise our integrity or our service to the wrong master. As we hone and refine this certainty, we better prepare ourselves to take advantage of what is coming.

This month is a potent time of preparation, mostly internal preparation, for huge changes ahead. We have no idea from where we sit now how these changes will manifest but we do need to be ready. Preparedness is discarding the old so you have some room to welcome in the new. Think outside the box and be expansive in your “what ifs” to give the universe something to consider. Allow your heart, intuition, and important priorities to guide you in right realignment. This process may bring sudden changes in work, relationship, place, attitude, expression, or beliefs. If it does, that is a good thing. You may rediscover needs, desires and talents long buried under a false sense of responsibility or long-time entrapment in low self-esteem and limitation.

A focus on self and what is important to you and how you can personally prepare for change will dominate this month. This is not to say you cannot be in cooperation or communion with others on the same page, it just means that you need to be the most important person in this process, and to work on your own self-esteem, self-love, havingness, and worthiness. If you can’t give to yourself, no one else will either. So, take those newly rediscovered needs, talents and desires and begin to align with how you wish to express them as you create your future.

There is an aspect of isolation and separation this month (not helped by COVID) that creates a need to reach out to others in any way you can. We all want to feel like we are a part of something harmonious, exciting and productive. We want to exchange with others on the same page. We are tired of our isolation and feeling stuck. We want to move on. And we will, step by step. Make sure you are not using your irritation and resentment to simply complain and distract yourself from the internal work that is necessary. Be responsible, be mature, and use this time wisely.

Areas of preparation with reflection, internal and external release, and realignment include your health, your confidence, your priorities, old family icon patterns, mental, physical and emotional clutter, mental and emotional limitations.

Whatever feels too small, too past, too painful, or too limited, needs to be released making way for a good realignment for the future.

YOU PERSONALLY Be a little selfish this month and take the time for personal internal work. Have the courage to release something that has kept you small. Accept the fallout of decisions and choices made from truth as they may affect those around you and beware of projections as others may not share the same enthusiasm or movement as you. You will need to take personal time away from others to shore up your practices and work on your preparedness.

We are still suggesting an ongoing focus on letting go, clearing out and decluttering both physically and emotionally. If you are exhausted because you have been holding a huge container of support that others have taken advantage of, you may need to release it and realign a new container to better support and protect you. Great clarity is possible this month on your direction, expression and goals. If you are stuck with old labels and clutter, it will be challenging for that clarity to get purchase for any forward movement.

Personal breakthrough is possible in many areas. What is the ceiling of limitation you have been living with in prosperity, health, well-being, joy, love, satisfaction, physical energy, and productivity? You have an opportunity this month to break through that ceiling by thinking outside the box, embracing mystery, inviting magic, and prodding the quantum field with the right “what if” questions. Sometimes a breakdown is necessary before a breakthrough can happen especially if stubbornness is involved.

RELATIONSHIPS Anything can and will happen this month to change it up with relationships of all kinds. As we release, realign and breakthrough our limitations, intimacy takes on a new definition. We are tired of being isolated and afraid, and of running the old program of posturing that all is OK and we have it all figured out when we don’t. Vulnerability equals power this month and we would be wise to embrace vulnerability when release is inevitable and breakthrough (or breakdown) follows.

This is a good month to realign your relationships to importance and support, and to establish a practice of seeing everyone as spirit. Sudden changes can affect relationships and not all change will be easy. The challenge will be to not take anything personally and to keep coming from your heart no matter what. Remember that everyone is in realignment, and everyone is in preparation, and, in the questioning that goes along with this process, there may be some relationship fallout. Stay out of judgment and embrace any new support and community that happens to surface for you during this time.

HEALTH AND THE PHYSICAL BODY Tending to your health and well-being is essential as part of preparing for what’s to come. Eliminating bad habits and energy leaks, and focusing on building your chi is the homework for this month. You don’t need to be radical in your adjustment and change, but steering yourself in the right direction and reminding yourself daily of better practices for health and well-being will keep you on track. This is a good month to breakthrough in limited thinking around what good health is and what your body is truly capable of. Stretching your capacity for emotional awareness is also part of this month’s opportunity. When emotional release comes, you may witness yourself being able to go deeper than usual in your experience, creating more intimacy with yourself.

As usual we will highly recommend being out in nature as much as possible and moving the body to keep the circulation going. All circulation, physical, emotional and mental is exceptionally important during these times of change. Challenge your mind, keep your emotions flowing and keep your body moving.

Your spiritual health also requires attention, discipline and realignment to your truth and a new inspired vision. Create some good daily practices that will keep you grounded and balanced during these times.

BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS AND PROJECTS Just as with relationships, anything can happen and it will. Just when you think something is going right, it will go left, and creative thinking and problem solving will get something that is going left, going right again. Be prepared for the unusual, unexpected and perhaps different from an original vision.

With that said it is also important this month to release any old expectations that were placed on projects or partnerships that have not come to pass. It is a good month to start over on something that needs a total re-haul. Be flexible, be neutral, be understanding, be unattached. Welcome new ideas and creative thinking. It is a month of tremendous movement. Keep it fluid until the right time for it to solidify.

ENVIRONMENT Unstable times will find their own brand of release through the environment. Expect more storms, unusual weather, quirky phenomena and unpredictable situations that keep all of us on our toes. The physical natural environment is one thing. The political, social, global and community environments are another.

All environments will be susceptible to unusual and unprecedented expressions. You can be proactive by being more flexible and think outside the box when you look at your own environment and the possibilities. We are in fact in the process of remodeling life as we know it. Nature is helping by bringing us events and situations we have never seen before. You can begin expressing this remodel in your own personal circumstances and home or work environments by bringing in something unusual you would not have thought of before.

DATES AND TIME FRAMES November 1-7: As we begin the month in the wake of the full moon on October 31 and its influences, these first few days can be full of confusion, emotion, anticipation, trepidation, too much energy, not enough energy, and all of the above. Grounding is important. Staying neutral and in present time is important. Finding balance in the little tasks close to home is essential. Relying on your inner truth, strength and confidence that you are on the right track is crucial.

During this somewhat volatile week, check in with yourself regularly to determine how you personally feel instead of relying on what others are projecting. This is a good week to start the process of inventory on what is in your life that you are still obsessively attached to. It could be plans, the nature of a relationship, old desires and dreams, daily habits, expectations you placed on others, worries, etc. How would your life feel if you were free?

Step back and take a look at your life from a place of neutrality just as an observer. It may shed some light on where the work is.

November 8-15: This is a chop wood carry water time of being focused and disciplined on your own inner personal work. The more you can be present with what is showing up in terms of release and realignment the easier it will be. The more in resistance you are to this process, the greater the potential for suffering.

During this time, the energy begins to flow a bit more smoothly as we now have a better alignment with clarity, action and purpose. However, we are not out of the woods in terms of sudden change of thought, heart and movement. So, stay present and be prepared. Keep a “don’t know mind” about most things and stay in your own lane, doing your own work, giving others the space they need to do theirs.

November 14: New Moon in Scorpio is Saturday, November 14, at 10:07PM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This new moon launches a challenging week of catharsis, crisis and growth where serious choices are made, a little chaos is everywhere, and people around you may react in negative ways. Not everyone is feeling inspired, hopeful, grateful and enthusiastic about change. Some may be deeply resentful about what they can’t have or what they need to give up in order to move on and evolve.

This time frame could highlight the deepest dysfunction and demand full forgiveness of self, the past, and others as the cost of admission into your better future. The limitations of the mind could introduce the concept of futility. Do not listen. There was never a better time to think outside the box and to use your discipline for any exercise that leads to a higher vibration.

Because of the cathartic crisis energy of this time frame, it is actually a good time to reach for something you could not have imagined. Take a risk towards something that feels right and that you love. If you are feeling isolated in any way, reach out to others and confirm your personal connections and support.

November 17-23: This can be a difficult, cranky time especially if you are feeling off kilter and not living your own truth. If there is shadow it will come to the surface. Truth is a potent serum activating change. There could be great disappointment during this time if you are in any way attached to some outcome that is not manifesting itself. Patience, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude are all good qualities and practices to include in your daily practice. They are a higher vibration and will help to realign you to what is important.

If you get sideways during this time, bring in beauty, inspiration and new ideas. Be creative and keep your energy moving.

November 24-30: We even out during this time and the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place. You should have more clarity than before, at least about where you are not putting your energy or purpose. This is a good time frame to begin anchoring some of what has been swirling around in your consciousness regarding where you wish to end up in your life. Set aside some time to dream, to share those dreams, to take some baby steps toward those dreams, and to rekindle your enthusiasm for life. There are lights that begin to show at the end of this long dark tunnel. Watch for signs, acknowledge what comes your way and embrace opportunities if they seem aligned with your heart. Inspiration, enthusiasm, hope, vision, and freedom are key words to contemplate.