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Taking Inventory

And no, I don't mean in the sense of counting how many items are in the shop but more so about what is in your life. It's the middle of the year and everything from monthly spiritual forecasts, moon phases, tarot readings have all been pointing me to "take inventory" in what I am allowing to grow in my garden called life. As you can imagine that requires allot of self reflecting. Taking a step back to analyze things in order to move forward, and giving myself time, space and patience to figure out what may be holding me back. For everyone that can be different things in your life. Maybe a relationship that was been worn out, an occupation that you don't see yourself growing with or maybe it's time to do some decluttering.

It's important to tend to your life and what consumes it. With a busy life we tend to lose track of the weeds overbearing our gardens. I ask you to take some time to yourself and do that inventory check, make room for what you want, what you deserve, what you need and let go of what no longer serves you in a positive way.


Sally Ann

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