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To New Beginnings!

To start off, today is my birthday! So in celebration I'd like to offer a 25% off each* item purchased on my website! Includes sale items too!

Coupon Code is "XMAS25" and valid 12/09/20-12/26/20.

Huge changes have recently occurred, I reunited with the love of my life from high school, we got engaged AND I moved from Arizona to North Carolina to be with him! WOW! I feel like I am living in a dream but.. (I tell my fiancé) this is even better because it is a reality! If there is anything I've learned this year to pass down to others, it is to face your fears! Start a business, go on that trip you've been dreaming of, work towards your goal daily to get where you want to get, ask that girl/guy out, buy that thing you've been needing... whatever it is go for it! Life is too short to keep wishing and hoping and I truly believe that with effort and dedication you can truly manifest whatever it is that you desire in your life. I've never felt more sure of this in my life.

Wishing everyone safe and happy holidays!

Till next time,

Sally Ann

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