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What Art Means to Me...

...It is my world, my lifestyle and my best friend.

Since I was a little girl art has played a huge role in my life. Growing up homeless and surrounded by family who were not setting the best influences really forced me to find something positive in my life. I look back and find it amazing that as a child I chose to CREATE that positivity. I was in 2nd grade when my teachers encouraged me to get into poetry and that was the first time I was ever recognized for being "creative". At that time I was homeless, my mom was on drugs, in and out of prison, I had no idea who my dad was, and my closest brother was consumed by the lifestyle. You could probably imagine the things I wrote in that journal. It was my escape, a safe place and I was free to write about whatever I wanted.

My love for various arts grew and grew throughout the years even though my family never truly encouraged taking it up as a profession. But I loved it so much, I tried my best to stay "in it" by getting local retail jobs where local art was sold, doing graphic design side gigs, making music videos, playing guitar, and learning new things just to keep my creative game strong. I always found time to draw or paint but my most joy came from the times I got to share my art with others and when people actually wanted my art. I've been making art my whole life yet it always blows my mind when people buy my art. I never imagined I'd ever be a full time artist but It's what I truly love to do!

I always said art has no judgement. When I am alone and drawing, writing, painting, whatever is it I'm doing creatively, there is no judgement between me and what's going on. There is total freedom, love, acceptance and peace in the moment of creating and I find myself in my own world when I am in this place. Below I've shared both an article and feature music that both resonate to how art can help us through difficult times in our lives as it did and continues to do for me. Enjoy.



Here is an article that I hope you find inspiring during these tough times.

-How art can help you: imagine a more hopeful future, lower stress, and help process your emotions!



My friend Sean recently released an album that I felt coincided with this blog post so much. He incorporated pieces of his life and experiences in his music, something he had never done before and I think it came out amazing!

Check it out!

Behind Seans' Album

Hi, I’m Sean. I produce mellowtronic, electrambient music under the moniker Mizzik Sen. I just recently had the pleasure and privilege to put out my 4th release called ‘Climber’, a 7-song album written during the 2020 lockdown. Climber is a very personal album for me. It was made in the fires of stress, isolation and heartbreak, forged into a lifeboat that carried me to shore. A story told through the sounds of exuberance, bravery, contemplation, sorrow & sincerity.   Art is a strange thing because it's something with as many dimensions as one can point out. It can reflect a single, focused relationship or many in a singular expression. Art connects us to the world in fascinating ways and how we relate to our world and our own existence is where we can discover more about ourselves. The relationships with the people in my life while this album was forming went through its own kind of renovation and renewal. And when I look back, I see something beautiful. I found myself in that deep hole of depression that we’re all familiar with on some level. And like a ladder of support, combined with my will to climb out, the metaphorical arms of my friends and family were held out before me. This album is about regeneration and perseverance, liberation and authenticity, surrender and acceptance. There is also a strong color & numerological component to this release, primarily surrounding the number 7. Seven songs, seven chakras, released in July, etc. Sonically, there is a symmetry about the arrangement and construction from start to finish. The symbology of the cover art and the theme of the titles reveal more than the sum of its parts, and to me, that's one of the most exciting things about being an artist and I couldn't be more proud of this release.

Thank you for listening! P.S. To anyone who might read this who was “there” at the time, I am grateful that the Universe put you in my path.



Huge thanks to Sean for taking the time and energy to reflect on this album. I am grateful to be connected to such talented and amazing people in my life.

What do you do as an outlet? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

Till next month!

Peace & Love Always!

Sally Ann Jimenez